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About Us

Beverley Montagu

Beverley became an agent after previously working as an actress and in casting and production. Over the years she has made many wonderful contacts and worked with some truly smashing actors.


In recent years she has also been producing, directing and writing. 

Elinor Wilde

Elinor has been passionate about the business since the day she started. Training as an actress and working on set she decided she prefered working from behind the scenes. Her background in acting means she really knows what it's like to be out there and aims to help create careers and not just get jobs. She's a tough cookie but only because she wants to get results.



Tom Montagu

Tom joined the agency four years ago having discovered his love of the industry from working in theatre. He has worked alongside Elinor and Beverley learning the ins-and-outs of running a successful agency. As his organisational skills surfaced he became our rock and keeps the creatives in check! 



The Minions

We have a few regular freelancers that we work with. The lovely Anna Harrison has been a member of our team for a few years now, working on a semi-regular basis. Anna works as assistant to Elinor and comes from a background in drama and business. The most exuberant person you will ever meet, we are very happy to have her as part of the team.


We are also very grateful to Nietsa Fleming and Fedelma Hartnett for all their hard work and support.


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